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Latest Headlines

Blizzard forces hospitals to get creative

In the face of a roaring blizzard, New England hospitals showed their creativity and their compassion in ensuring continued care for their patients. From police escorts to cross country skis, doctors and nurses did all they could to get to work.

Top payers, providers form alliance to promote Triple Aim

Several leading healthcare providers and payers announced a new alliance aimed at hastening the healthcare industry's transition to value-based models that reduce costs and strengthen outcomes.

More hospital competition linked to lower insurance premiums

When it comes to healthcare, competition likely is good for the consumer, according to a report published in the  Antitrust Health Care Chronicle.

How the FTC promotes healthcare competition

The Federal Trade Commission has an important role to play in promoting competition within healthcare, two blog posts from Health Affairs argue.

How much hospital security is too much?

With workplace violence becoming an ever more common threat in the healthcare industry, recent incidents have led hospital leaders to question whether their security plans are strong enough--or if some measures might go too far.

Cigna's purchase of QualCare to heat up competition in New Jersey, nationally

Top insurer Cigna  announced Monday its decision to purchase New Jersey's only hospital-owned source of health insurance, QualCare. The purchase that will make the newly formed company one of the largest insurers in New Jersey.

HHS: 9.5 million Americans have health insurance from public exchanges

More than 9.5 million Americans have purchased health insurance or been automatically reenrolled in plans during the second enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act exchanges.

Disaster plans are a moving target: 4 areas to update

As of this morning, the snow in Boston has stopped, the travel ban has been lifted and the kids have another full day off from school. With snow totals of up to two-and-a-half feet, Blizzard 2015...

Report questions financial viability of CO-OPs

Consumer operated and oriented plans might be in financial trouble, based on a new report that all but one of the 24 nonprofit insurers created under the Affordable Care Act experienced losses through the third quarter of last year.

Are insurers quietly dropping small businesses?

As insurers reap financial benefits from the Affordable Care Act, many appear to be raising rates for small employers to the point that they can no longer afford to provide benefits.