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Latest Headlines

4 roles for radiologists in an ACO world

The fact that healthcare policy makers are shifting payment methods for medical services from a fee-for-service model to one based on care accountability could leave radiologists in an untenable position going forward, according to a viewpoint article published recently in the  Journal of the American Medical Association.

3 ways for rad practices to survive reimbursement cuts

How can radiology practices survive in midst of declining reimbursement figures?

4 ways radiology practices can use data for growth

Attempting to make good, informed decisions on these kinds of issues is next to impossible without good data, according to Atlanta-based radiologist Richard Woodcock.

Radiologists must demonstrate 'significance' in a changing healthcare environment

Radiologists must demonstrate their "significance" when it comes to providing services, or risk losing their "turf," according to Lawrence Muroff, M.D., CEO and president of Tampa, Florida-based Imaging Consultants Inc.

Medical imaging display market will grow rapidly through 2017

The medical imaging display market is expected to show strong growth over the next several years, with global surgical display and clinical review display revenues expected to grow by 9 percent annually from 2013 to 2017, and diagnostic display revenues by 5 percent over the same time period.

KLAS: Tomosynthesis, breast ultrasound key for providers choosing vendors

When it comes to choosing a vendor partner for breast imaging, healthcare providers increasingly look at tomosynthesis and breast ultrasound as they focus on detecting more cancers while reducing false positives.

Radiotracer price increase roils nuclear medicine community

An increase in the price of two commonly used radiotracers is creating an uproar in the nuclear medicine industry.

Re-recognizing the importance of radiology's professional community

The medical association landscape is changing. Declining memberships, increasing member disengagement and duplication of efforts continue to threaten these organizations that established our professional sovereignty and ability to self-govern. 

KLAS: Regulatory, quality requirements drive dose-monitoring purchasing decisions

In a newly published survey of 100 healthcare providers, research firm Orem, Utah-based KLAS has found that 83 percent have purchased or are seriously considering purchasing a dose monitoring solution as they look to comply with government regulations and JCAHO (Joint Commission) certification, and improve quality.

Radiology residents want more autonomy

Radiology residents in programs with full-time attending coverage value the feedback they get from attending physicians more than their peers at institutions without 24/7 on-call attending physicians, but regret the lack of autonomy that goes with it, according to a survey published online this month in  Academic Radiology.